How to Pack Your Things Properly According to the Rules of Thai VietJet Baggage Allowance

If you’re a Thai VietJet Air soon-to-be passenger, getting your baggage charged more according to Thai VietJet baggage allowance will be surely annoying. That nuisance will intensify when you’re told to open your neatly-packed suitcase due to things triggering the x-ray scanner to go beep-beep. To make sure you don’t surpass the provision ruled out by the airline, knowing how to pack your things smartly will help to elude security questioning, and the bonus is legit: no additional charged baggage!

Knowing how to pack your things properly will require you to know the maximum baggage allowance—in both weight and dimension—for both hand baggage and checked baggage. Additionally, understanding what is prohibited from each type of baggage will be another trick to avoid fussy security guy dwelling over your stuff or paying more from the amount you’re previously charged with.

Tricks to Have Your Baggage Complying with the Baggage Allowance Rule

Packing may be one of the things that you have love-hate relationship with. It’s fun, indeed, but when you need to do it in hurry, the fun subsides. Not to mention, you need to be a ‘witty’ packer that includes only your need-most stuff to be packed inside your suitcase.

Know the basic rule of Thai VietJet baggage allowance

Regarding Thai VietJet baggage allowance, it’s a broad topic to talk about. But if we have to choose only the most important, then we got these two: the maximum dimension and weight of the baggage.

Thai VietJet Air may be an LCC with mostly short flights. The number of exceeding baggage weight may be a minimum occurrence. But still, it’s something nice to know so that when we’re having flights using this airline, we won’t get heavily charged with scam-like baggage cost; which exceeds the ticket price itself.

The maximum weight and dimension allowed by Thai VietJet baggage allowance will be described as follows:

  • Hand baggage

Each passenger aged 3 and above will be allowed to bring 7 kg cabin baggage at most. The weight should not surpass 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm and can be distributed into one hand bag and one smaller hand bag only.


  • Checked baggage

Each passenger of Thai VietJet Air will be charged for checked baggage. Some sources mentioned that the maximum baggage weight is 32 kg per passenger. However, you may purchase up to 40 kg baggage while booking your plane ticket. Additionally, the dimension should not go beyond 119 cm x 119 cm x 81 cm.


Know the things prohibited from getting onboard

Aside from understanding about the size and dimension of your baggage, you need to know what kinds of things aren’t allowed in cabin, checked baggage, or both. You can refer to the airline’s policy regarding this—or manually search for it on the internet.

The bottom line is, you should not bring any dangerous goods such as:

  • Flammable and/or explosive agents; such in thinners, solvents, kerosene, lighter refills, aerosol paints, fireworks, etc.
  • Batteries, be it accumulator (wet batteries), lithium batteries exceeding 160-watt hours, etc.
  • Biology specimen
  • Weapons
  • Radioactive materials
  • Poisonous chemicals.
  • Stunning/electro shocks devices, etc.

If you need to bring along any stuff which you doubt about its feasibility to be brought to the aircraft, make sure to contact the customer service representative before the date. That way, you may find another way to have it on the destination city on time.

Know how to pack compactly

Since Thai VietJet baggage allowance is pretty pricey then you should learn how to pack nicely so that your baggage will not be bulky. Below are some tricks to make your baggage less bulky, especially if flying with less baggage isn’t even an option.

  • If you’re packing some clothes, rolling it will save space.
  • Put your make-up, toiletries, underwear and socks each inside a cloth pocket with some identifiers. This will make you to have a more compactly-packed baggage and you don’t have to dig untidily when looking for something specific.

Prepare for the additional charge

Since Thai VietJet baggage allowance rules that you need to pay for their checked baggage, waiving it probably becomes one thing that you love to get. But such things will not be a nice thing for the airline.

If you really need to travel with baggage, then you’ll need to prep some cash to pay for it. You may have counted the size of your baggage; or even estimating your baggage cost according to the information that you get online. But your measurements may be different from the airline’s method. So, it’d be better if you’re preparing some cash—just in case.

Prepare for another method to bring your things along

If baggage cost is too costly to cover, consider getting cargo service to ship your things to the destination city will be a clever trick to dodge from pocket-sucking airline baggage cost. It may take longer time to deliver your stuff, but if you’re thrifty or is travelling with a tight budget, this may answer your question.

If you’re not an urgent flyer, you can try to compare shipping cargo cost with airline cost. Following that, you can go with the cheapest option. If cargo service is way cheaper, you may send the stuff beforehand and take it when you arrive on the destination city.

Well, that’s the information about Thai VietJet baggage allowance as well as other baggage-related information. As said earlier, understanding how to make your baggage takes less weight is important to cut off your baggage expenses. That said, you should consider taking less luggage, switching to cargo service, or learning the tricks of how to pack effectively.