Do You Love Ice Cream? Let’s Visit This place if you visits Singapore

Do you like Ice Cream? who does not love ice cream? everyone loves ice cream. But what would be if there was a place where fellow trippers could eat as important ice cream as they wanted? Let’s see the explanation below

Museum Ice Cream Singapore

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The Singapore Museum of Ice Cream is a durability of other analogous ice cream galleries that have preliminarily opened in New York and Texas, United States.
This gallery contains cafes, bars, retail shops, and 14 lodestones similar as Marble Run, California Dreamin, Scream’s Diner where you can eat all you want ice cream, and the Sprinkle Pool.

Callers who have been vaccinated can come in groups of a outside of five people, including children progressed 12 times and under who haven’t been vaccinated. Callers who haven’t been vaccinated must bring a COVID- 19 negative letter from the clinic 24 hours before coming to the gallery.
To enter this gallery, callers must pay a ticket of about 38 SGD bones which is restated into 416 thousand rupiah.

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