All of Vegas

Sometimes I wonder about Vegas. Is it all just empty speculation from people who have no idea what to do in Vegas, or is it all true? Well I am glad to say that my husband (who has seen over 3 million Vegas shows) and I have put all the speculation on hold. We are now Officially registered to live and have put our dream of playing in Vegas to work.

Thanks to the miracle of labor, my Kate Walker is due to give birth to our first child in October. I am so looking forward to that moment. I’m also excited to begin this new chapter of our lives together.

I am not Nevada, so I am not a grandparent, but have always wanted to take a grand tour of the strip. Grand daddy once told my little brother and I, that one day we’d get to see the ” prettiest pretty girls” across the ways. I told him it was my favorite thing in the world. We never did get to see beautiful pretty girls. Until my Grand Dad passed away, that is.

Come visit me in Vegas and I’ll show you how to make that dream come true. Until my Dad passed away in 1976, he was the man in charge of the family casinos. My Dad was his favorite employee. I remember him getting everybody dressed and putting his arm around my shoulders and whispering in a low voice, “You’re coming home soon, honey. And you have me forever.” Those are the last words my Dad would have spoken to me.

Vacations with my Dad were always filled with lots of stories about his gambling activities across the globe. Sometimes they were about the beautiful Asian women that he flirted with on the dance floors at the discos. Other times we heard about his gambling activities including some of the horse races that he entered. We didn’t hear about his many winnings, but I do remember his losing some money but not that much. He always seemed to find a way back to casinos.

Some of our trips were more planned. My Mom would tell us stories about her night away from home, and would give us a glimpse of her hotel room, and of course tell us where she’d been a few nights previously. She always had a great follow up night. My brothers and I would be excited to see what she wore on her first night back. We’d ask, “where did you park?” and I’d tell them the Hotel Caretaker’s office. We’d squat down on the cement sidewalk in front of the office building and watch them toss a coin into the fountain. We’d laugh our heads at their silly notion that the coin would come up and land in the drink.

Gambling had always been a part of our family. We’d always huddle around the horseshoe machine, and watch TV involving wheelbarrows going down the track. But we’d never had a chance to gamble. Well, not until we’d won our money in a slot machine at one of the machines in the casino. We’d dazzled the ponies and slots with our savvy horse-trickery, and lost the house.

Those are the journeys that everyone needs to take. Some cylindrical objects, like slot machines, have a limit, and when you go over, it turns into a high-sun high-sun, and shines on your hand as you, and the next thing you know, you’ve been blinded by the glare.

There are many ways to experience the deep. blinding glow, as I once experienced, or the unparalleled power of a flood, as I learned.

can you dig it?

galactic Classics like the Mellifluidos Symphony, or the slowed-downadiade are backlit by the night’s darkness, creating the image of outer space.

scoop it up?

Sure. Just let me know when you’re ready to move on.

wear it

So outwith that infamous silhouette you’ve carved into the Lincoln Navigator with your Mark Rossiter hackle-brush, and meet me outside.


A jellybean.

come on

The hive is another take on Star Trek’s Captain Kirk. My grandmother patiently waited for me to finish re-watching classics like Everybody’s favorite Mate, and after using her ’60s technology (2 TV’s, 12 bit compatible video and piped sound) to capture all her favorite movies for series on, she is still watching certain movies like Forrest Gump (duh). Any 1 of my 3 dogs can take care of my stuff, and would happily perform in front of my fireplace, should the need arise.


Ripley is also working on a Captain Kirk nostalgia slant. I blame Patrick Stewart, since the man seems to be almost a collection of Captain Kirk’s cerebrated brain waves.